Yoga Alliance CEP in Rishikesh

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Rishikesh Yog Sansthan offers the short term courses or retreats on application of Yoga into clinical conditions. Common social problems will be dealt in detail as per modern and ancient view. Clinical practice of Yoga on one specific system and its disease will be discussed theoretically and practically in 7 days retreat.
With these small retreats, Yoga can be spread at large extent to the needy people. The main aim of Rishikesh Yog Sansthan is to make the healthy personality of the individual and the society.
Basic and advance techniques will be practically experienced, experimented under the guidance. Retest of the health parameters will bring the confidence in the students to talk in the classroom and to treat the patients if any online.
Workshops for medical physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and corporate people will make the society better as evolutionary process. Advance asana, pranayama, meditation shat kriya are dealt from beginner level itself. For the experienced professionals, energy practices like Bandha, mudra, pranic energization, Agnihotra, mantra chanting and Reiki till healing level are available with provision of CEP certification through Yoga Alliance.


Yoga Teachers after completion of 200 hour TTC or 300 hour TTC or 500 hour TTC can become expert in specific Yoga therapy. The learner becomes the innovative specialist in the field of Yoga Therapy of specific disease.

Discipline Rules for Students
  • Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school.
  • If you are on fasting or absent for meals, you have to inform kitchen manager for avoiding food wastage.
  • Always make discipline, respect teachers and follow all rules.
  • Always be in the time, you are late means will not be permitted to join class.
  • Clear your account of books before departure from RishikeshYogSansthan.
  • Before departure return any other assistances if taken.
  • RishikeshYogSansthan provides accommodation for a student who join yoga classes. So any friends or relatives will not be included in accommodation.
  • Student have to present in all scheduled program of RishikeshYogSansthan
Refund Policy
  • An advance of a course fees will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.
  • We accept cancellation as per the student's request, but advance deposit will not be refund.
  • There is no charge of course cancellation. Student just has to inform by email.
  • Rishikesh Yog Sansthan is not responsible for any mishappenings before course schedule.