Yoga Nidra: Step-3 & 4

Yoga Nidra: Step-3 & 4

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Yoga Nidra: Introducing sleep to the “self by the self” is the Yoga Nidra. This as a practice of calming down the mind and getting good sleep came up to bring the normal bio-rhythm. Even in children, this will be performed in a cradle with melody singing by the positive minded person like mother or grandmother could enhance the perfect biorhythm and growth of the child. Since the modern and mechanical lifestyles brought many distractions and badly influenced the natural healing mechanisms, now the sleep became a special technique. As every human is potentially divine; this technique will make the self to realize many things around. Hence this technique is part of natural healing traditions like Yoga. So it is called as Yoga Nidra. Hence this is the basic technique to be practiced by the beginner’s yoga that is 200 hour Yoga Teacher training Corse (200-hour YTTC). So that, a student can withstand the intense program and get the transformation towards Spirituality.

After the first two steps of positioning and self-relaxation, next two steps are;

Yoga Nidra step-3: “Segmental Relaxation” is the peak step of Yoga Nidra. Here all the body segments will be observed and relaxed. Breathe through that every single part to isolate the mind from other thoughts. Eg: Every 15cm of the surface of body part needs a thought. When reaped from one side to other, person neither left (Ida) nor right (Pingala) but reach the balanced (Sushumna) state of mind. Now travel through middle part of the body that is Breathe awareness.

Yoga Nidra step-4: “Breath awareness” is breathing through the upper surface and lower surfaces sequentially to experience the Prana or Aura as the womb. The physical body has that unseen protection around. That can be only experienced without sense organs. Eg: Inhale feels energetic (O2) and exhales feel weightless (CO2 removal). Hence energy is spent for long distant part of the body that is getting into the body and tired. This gives the clarity of mind which helps the next step that is making a “Wish”.


Traveling the whole body to provide breath.

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