FAST PRANAYAMA | Therapeutic Benefits and Preventive measures in Therapy

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This is relevant to the natural breathing technique where awareness is on abdominal level that is basal part of lung expansion. Fast practices like Kapal bhati, Bhastrika. Other deep practices like high pitch Bhramari, and Surya bedha Pranayama increases the adrenaline from Adrenal gland and increases the fight or flight response of autonomic nervous system (Sympathetic response).

Therapeutic Benefits and Preventive measures in Therapy:-

  • Pranayama with fast body movements like Sudarshan Kriya can increase the body temperature and reduce body fat faster.
  • Also reduces nasal allergy, Asthma and bronchitis diseases.Reduce excess fat underneath the skin

Preventive measures in Therapy :: Fast breathing technique

  • Increase fat metabolism at stomach, heart, intestine and even blood vessels.
  • Removal of toxins from villi of small intestine reduces the chances of cancer
  • Reduces the chance of hernia of large intestine or colon.
  • Improves the absorption of amino acids, sugars and fatty acids from small intestine
  • Improves the absorption capacity of minerals, vitamins and water from colon.
  • Water balance reduces the constipation.
  • Reduces with fast pranayama

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