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Yoga Philosophy is the mind-body-medicine from the ancient times for life.

Yoga as a balanced life and or at-least free from disease. This match with mind-body connection that we often hear from modern times. Here is the connection of ancient and modern systems.

Bhagawadgita: “Sthitaprajna” is the role model for normal life and realized state. Different paths in daily life like path of will power, path of knowledge, path of devotion and selfless actions combined is the integration method for such balanced life. This shows the mind-body connection in daily life.

 Yoga Vasishta: The concept of disease given as “Adijavyada”, “Adi” means “origin”, “Vyadi” means “disease” and “Ja” means “cause or creation”. This also represents the mind-body connection in disease progression.


Taittiriya Upanishad: “Panchakosha” (five layers) is the model available to understand the human existence. There are different practices which can be planed accurately. Such module as per “Panchakosha” must cultivate the lifestyle (Balanced personality). Yogic qualities must be seen in conduct of life of practitioner.

Asana” also known as postures are of standing, sitting, prone, supine, inverstions and advance slowly changes the physiological events of body according to gravity. Hence “Sthiram Sukham Asanam” is important concept from Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Pranayama” also known as breathing practices. But this should be not just the inhalation and exhalation to improve lung volumes and capacities. It is life connection for an individual from birth and lasts until death. Focussing on such connection every moment during manipulation is called as Pranayama.

Meditation” it is the process of reducing the thoughts to one. Such effort is called as meditation was been practicing from childhood by every person. Same technique can be used on some particular topic and merge in it is Meditative state.

Swadhyaya” is realizing such capacity of non-duality is self-knowledge. Person can realize so many such unseen weapons as potentials.

Balanced personality” Seeing unity in everything transforms the person to “selfless”. Many such moments in a day, in a week, in a month and year takes the person out of disease, towards normal and towards steady personality. Nothing influence such person.

Techniques are;

  1. Physical level: Asana (postures) and Kriya (yogic cleansing techniques)
  2. Subtle level: Pranayama (Breathing techniques) and Bandha (Energy Locks)
  3. Mental level: Chanting (recitation), Bhajan (singing), Meditation and Drishti (focuss)
  4. Intellectual level: Self-assessment and voluntary guidance of senses (for knowledge)
  5. Bliss: Selfless and non-duality. This is to start the “Spiritual journey”.

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