Shankha Prakshalana- 300 hour Yoga Practice and Student’s Experience

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I want to give a big thanks to Ammu Teacher that has been so nice in helping us in doing what we wanted to do and for skillfully assisting us with joy and passion along this course.😃

Special Thanks for supporting us with the Shanka prakshalana Kriya for more than 3 hours on a Sunday morning.
I really enjoyed it and felt lighter and wonderful in my body after the process.

Basically, we drank hot salted water (around 25-30 glasses) in alternance with digestion activating and bowel moving asanas. It was a nice experience to do the full process and seeing my digestive track getting cleaner and cleaner after every sequences of the Kriya.

Thank you for everything, you are an outstanding teacher! 👌👍👐

Few practices are;

Eases the passage through Pyloric sphincter
Bowel movements
Apaana Vaayu
Less base of support and locked knees activates rectum and anus

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